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Dahlias are like the ultimate vice of the flower-growing world. They're expensive, they're divas, they need constant love and attention, and a single tuber can run anywhere from $10-$30! Cuttings are fantastic ways to build stock in your dahlia collection without breaking the bank. Initially, cuttings can be pricey, but they pay themselves off in a season. You'll get multiple tubers from a single cutting, and each year, you'll be able to add more and more tubers from this original cutting!


We are excited to introduce a limited number of cuttings from our dahlia collection for purchase in 2024. Our "Bee's Choice" dahlias have been in our gardens the longest, and are acclimated to northern climates a bit more than their counterparts. A "Bee's Choice" cutting will give you a plant that could be red, pink, white, or yellow, and is more than likely an open-faced dahlia type (they look a bit like a cross between a cosmos and an anemone!). Over time, these can hybridize and you'll have dahlias that can't be found anywhere else! These cuttings are the most economical we offer as we cannot guarantee their color and we have tubers in abundance! 


  • All cuttings are non-refundable. 
  • If you need growing tips, please reach out to me at and I'll be more than happy to offer my growing insights.
  • We cannot guarantee the number of tubers your plant will produce in a given season as there are just too many factors that determine viability.

Bee's Choice Dahlia Cutting

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