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Sunflower Portrait

Summer Sunnies CSA Available!

  • Investment: $200. Cash or Check. Venmo available, but subject to a fee.

  • Pick-Up Location and Time: Saturdays from 9:00-11:00 A.M. at The Village Butcher in Woodstock, Vermont

  • You may designate someone else to pick up your bouquets in the event that you are unable to get yours during that time frame. We are not able to make deliveries at this time, and as our farm is also our private home, we are not doing pick-ups there! Thank you so much for understanding.

  • If you are unable to find someone to pick up your flowers, and you can’t make that time (and you know at least 24 hours in advance), please reach out to me directly and we can arrange a one-time meet so you can get your flowers. 

Summer Sunnies CSA Details:

I am very proud to announce that Blue Door Flower Farm will be hosting a Summer Sunnies CSA for 2023! These are NOT your average grocery-store, black oil sunflowers, but rather a selection of specialty sunflowers that you just can’t find outside of Blue Door. This CSA runs from approximately June 17-August 19 (so, predicted first blooms through the end of mid-August); that’s eight weeks filled with sunflowers! CSA members will receive email updates indicating when their first CSA bouquets will be ready.


CSA members will receive a gorgeous grower’s bunch of specialty sunflowers at The Village Butcher in Woodstock, Vermont. Sometimes, your bunch will be mixed in with other seasonal flowers like zinnias, cosmos, and more as an added bonus! Specialty sunflower varieties include, but are not limited to: ProCut Series: White Nite, White Lite, Gold, Orange Excel, Sunbright, Sunrich Summer Provence, and Sonja.​

Past CSA: Spring 2023 Details:

A mixed bundle of tulips, ranunculus, anemones, daffodils, and more in various, unique, and whimsical colors and sizes. Projected start date late April to early May (subject to change due to unforeseeable weather conditions in Vermont!)

Ran for 5 weeks. 12 shares available for 2023.

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