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The Full Story

Blue Door Flower Co. provides boutique wedding floral design services. During the growing season (April through October), a majority of the flowers are grown and cultivated by owner Emma Murray. We also strive to be a part of the “slow flowers movement” by sourcing as many florals as possible from local and semi-local small flower farms and growers.

Our mission is all about transforming both indoor and outdoor spaces into naturalistic, unique, and sustainable ones. Our Woodstock, Vermont-based micro-flower farm provides a haven for pollinators, utilizing low spray/till practices for growing, all while bringing natural beauty that can be enjoyed by all. 


Our vision includes providing elevated wedding and event design services, as well as wholesale cut flowers to a select group of florists and designers. We specialize in whimsical, naturalistic, off-beat floral design for all types of couples. All are welcome here.


A Little Bit More...

Emma Murray is Blue Door Flower Company's CEO and Creative Director. With degrees from the University of Vermont and Lesley University, Emma has high standards for herself and her work. With a passion for creative design, Blue Door Flower Co. brings naturalistic, offbeat whimsy to each custom-curated event. We guarantee that your florals are one-of-a-kind.

What sets Blue Door apart from other florists is that we grow the majority of our florals and foliage right here on our small flower farm. Often, we source seeds and plugs specifically for your event. If there is a specific flower that we don't grow, we strive to source stems within a 20-mile radius of our Woodstock, Vermont studio. We are also able to accommodate unique floral requests from around the world through our partnerships with high-end wholesalers.
Aside from a commitment to using as many seasonal blooms as possible and sustainable growing and design practices,  we genuinely love working with couples who value high-end florals and creating a warm, intimate experience for their guests Fly-away, garden-style bridal bouquets and flowy, unique centerpieces are our specialty. We can't wait to meet you. Inquire today.

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Hi there! I'm Emma, owner of Blue Door Flower Company. If you have a moment, I'd love to share a little bit of my story. 

I grew up in Longmeadow, Massachusetts among the stunning work of my mother, a true. master gardener. Not only is my mother a phenomenal gardener, but she is also a talented floral designer in her own right. Flowers and floral design were not to be in my wheelhouse for many years, but I carry many of the lessons and values that I've gathered from those wiser than me along the way. 

Flower design and growing flowers have allowed me to marry many of my past experiences, both personal and professional. Before starting Blue Door Flower Co., I was a veteran teacher with over ten years of experience and received a Master's degree in Education. I also became a yoga teacher, and enjoy incorporating aspects of mindfulness into my work.
Travel has always been a huge part of my life, and I've traveled to over 25 countries. Thailand will always have a special place in my heart, not only because I lived there for a time but I was introduced to a whole new world of colors and flowers. that I never could have dreamt of. From the out-of-this-world orchid collection at the Singapore Botanical Gardens to the windswept poppy fields of the Himalayas, our world is so full of beauty, and I am honored to be a small part of it.

I believe in the power of collaboration over competition, and find inspiration with other incredible designers such as Shean Strong, T.J. McGrath, and others who value the craft of floral design. I also seek to surround myself with more local designers, business owners, artists, and growers so that I am constantly learning and growing. 
One of the best things about my job is that I get to share my story, but I also get to learn yours. I can't wait. 


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