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  • Why should we choose Blue Door to design our event?
    I am not here to convince anybody to use my floral design services. However, if you are seeking designs filled with artistry, romance, and natural elements, you've come to the right place. I truly feel that floral design is an art, with flowers being the medium. You are hiring me because you love my artwork and design aesthetic. I will do everything in my power to ensure that our unique tastes and perspectives blend seamlessly. However, I hold my own unique style and design and ask that my clients trust me, as an artist, to plan, design, and produce a truly stunning piece of art. You wouldn't commission Monet to paint a Van Gogh; similarly, you aren't hiring Blue Door Flower Co. to reproduce something you saw on Pinterest. Trust the process! Our clients value: Romance and whimsy Nature-inspired designs Honesty and transparency Highly curated floral design services
  • You mentioned "floral design studio." What does that mean?
    We are glad that you asked! It means we are not a traditional brick-and-mortar flower shop that offers daily designs. Instead, we focus on weddings and events. As a floral design studio, we are able to set up "shop" wherever your event may be.
  • What is Blue Door Flower Co.?
    We are a boutique floral design company providing floral design services for weddings and events. Born from a love of floriculture and the artistry of flowers, Emma delivers curated, naturalistic, high-end floral design. Based in Woodstock, Vermont, we are a destination floral design studio serving locales both domestically and abroad.
  • How many events do you take on per year?
    It depends on how a particular calendar year is looking. Our sweet spot is no more than 10-15 large-scale (150+ guests) per year along with a limited number of smaller-scale events. We typically do not double-book wedding and event weekends so we can focus 100% on you and your guests.
  • What is a design fee?
    I'm so glad you asked. Our 50% design fee is due at the time of booking, along with a signed contract. It allows me to pay myself a livable wage, pay for the overhead costs of running a business, taxes, and more. More importantly, it also allows me to start designing your event, including design decks, mood boards, and the like. I spend hundreds, and sometimes thousands of hours in the months (and years) leading up to an event. This design fee allows me to keep running my floral studio sustainably so that I can focus solely on you and your event.
  • Do you provide mock-ups of floral designs?
    We do! We understand the importance of visualizing your tablescapes ahead of your wedding/event and occasionally receive requests from our clients who would like to visualize their tablescapes and bouquets ahead of their event date. The Zinnia + The Cosmos: We do not offer mock-ups for these packages. The Poppy + The Dahlia: We ask that you cover the at-cost/wholesale costs of flowers and hard goods used in your mockup. This can be built into your itemized proposal, or you may request a mock-up up to two months before your event date.
  • How much should we budget for florals?
    This depends on so many factors, but if florals aren't the most important part of your event, you should plan on budgeting at least 10-15% of your overall event budget towards them. If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind floral and design experience with lush installations, large centerpieces, and more, you should plan on at least 20-30% of your budget being focused on florals.
  • Do you travel domestically for weddings and events?
    Absolutely! While we are based in Vermont, we have flowered events throughout New England, California, and beyond. We love to work in diverse locations with beautiful landscapes as our inspiration. So, whether you are looking for a New England coastal experience down the Cape, a lush and elevated Boca Grande event, or an intimate wedding in the mountains, we are here for you.
  • Do you have a minimum for wedding services?
    Yes. You can find all of this information in the "Booking" section of our website, but in summary we have four event packages to choose from: The Zinnia: Non-Wedding Events (No Minimum) The Cosmos: Microweddings/Elopements/Backyard Weddings (No Minimum) The Poppy: Partial Service Weddings ($4,500 minimum, 100 guests or less) The Dahlia: Full-Service Weddings ($10,000 minimum)
  • What is the timeline for planning and design?
    You can find this in the "Weddings" section on our website, but here is a simplified list: Inquire (via our Inquiry form). Initial Email (this is where we will schedule a phone call to get better acquainted). Phone Call Private Password-Protected Site (here, you will find more specific FAQs, price points, and more details to help you make an informed decision). Client Response (you will send us a message within one week with your thoughts after reviewing the details). Zoom Meeting and Mood Board/Design Deck Contract, Initial Proposal, and Retainer Deposit (also known as our design fee; once we understand your vision and aesthetic a bit more, we will create a more detailed, line item proposal; we will never just send this to you without first walking through everything via Zoom). Zoom Call with Itemized Breakdown
  • Do you travel internationally?
    Yes! We are avid travelers and are excited to offer international floral design services to our destination couples.
  • Do you offer just personal wedding flowers?
    Yes. We offer personal wedding flowers for delivery or pickup such as bridal bouquets, bridesmaid's bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. The cost is $500, plus the at-cost, no markup price of wholesale flowers.
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