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Peonies are the QUEENS of springtime. They come in hot after the tulips and daffodils have died back, and just as the ranunculus and anemones are starting to fade. This heirloom, beloved bloom opens with might, ready to fill your home with fragrance and beauty. We select our peonies from farms in Alaska that have been hybridized to acclimate to colder temperatures, so these bushes thrive in Vermont. We also ensure that our peony collection contains the best cultivars for bouquets, weddings, and design work, so you're sure to create stunning works of art with these-whether in your home or your studio.


Available in quantities of 5 stems, 10 stems, or 15 stems. Cost of delivery to be determined at checkout.


Week of June 10: "Coral Sunset," "Jan van Leeuwen," "Sarah Bernhardt," and "Bowl of Beauty.


Week of June 3: The first peonies to bloom in our gardens are always "Coral Sunset" and "Jan van Leeuwen." We will keep our shop updated as more varieties come to bloom.


2024 Cut Varieties at Blue Door:

-Shirley Temple: huge double flowers, start as a paler pink transitioning to white.

-Bowl of Beauty: heirloom, pink guard petals surrounding an explosion of cream staminodes.

-Duchesse de Nemours: heirloom, fully double pure white blooms with ivory in the center; ideal for wedding work.

-Jan Van Leeuwen: heirloom, large single-cupped flowers with white petals and a brilliant yellow center; reminiscent of the highly sought-after "Claire de Lune" peony.

-Sarah Bernhardt: pale rose pink (some petals may be lightly striped with crimson), fully double flowers, classic!

-Bouquet Perfect: mid-pink, anemone-type blooms; like their namesake, perfect for bouquets!

-Coral Sunset: starts as a deep coral, and fades over time to a pale salmon, almost white, with a yellow center.


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Cut Peony Stems

PriceFrom $35.00
    • Pickup or delivery in Woodstock is always free. 
    • Delivery outside of Woodstock is subject to a small delivery fee, dependent on your location:
      • Quechee/Barnard/Bridgewater/Hartland: $10
      • Windsor/White River/Hanover/Lebanon: $15
      • Royalton/So. Royalton/Sharon/Randolph: $15
      • If you are outside of these service areas, please email me first so we can arrange a delivery time (for example, if you're in Springfield, Vermont or Northampton, MA). My email is
    • Once flowers have been placed in your hands, we are not responsible for them. Please be sure to follow any care/processing instructions to ensure your peonies last as long as possible in the vase!
      • These are stored dry in a cooler after being freshly cut. They may be a bit thirsty, so simply find a clean pair of snips/scissors, and cut about a half of an inch from the bottom of the stem at a 45 degree angle and place in clean, cold water in a clean vase. Allow them to hydrate for a couple of hours before cutting to desired length(s).
      • If you are planning on storing them for later use, do not cut or place in water. Instead, remove most of the leaves, and keep them wrapped in provided brown Kraft paper and either place them in jumbo Ziploc plastic bags OR wrap tightly in Saran wrap. Do not place any additional moisture in your plastic wrap/bag (paper towels, etc). This will cause peonies to rot and turn to mush.
        • Lay flat in your refrigerator. You can now store them for up to 3 months! Typically, I don't suggest beyond 6 weeks, but some folks have had great success with storing peonies for long periods of time. 
        • When you're ready to use them, simply remove them from their mummy wraps and cut 1-2" off the bottom of the stem. Place in a vase of room temperature water. It may take a day or two for buds to open up. This is a helpful guide for home storage!
      • Vase Life:
        • Vase life is on the shorter side, around 5 days, 7-10 if you're really on top of refreshing their stems and water, and ensuring that you clean their vase.
        • Keep out of sun/drafts/air conditioners/heat.
        • Enjoy!
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